The Newlywed Affair

  1. It creates an interesting dynamic where Annie and Auggie can feel one another and they can think about one another but they can’t communicate. To us, it’s strong the longing that’s there yet the shared goal and the shared duty they owe to the country to take Henry down is the main driver moving forward and they both have to honor that.
    Chris Ord on Annie & Auggie in the back six of season 4 (via ashenowl)

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    New stills from the “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." pilot

    Love skye and ward

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    Noooo! Keep your shirt off Auggie! :(

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    Annie & Auggie ~ Smile (4x06)

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    Team Wolf is ready!

    Are you Finnish? Coming to Tracon 8 or Fanfest? Well then, come get these from me!

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Paige Arkin - Graceland


    Paige Arkin - Graceland

  10. yea i ship it 

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